About Bella

President of Tribute Productions Entertainment and Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella's Dolls, Denise Bella Vlasis has worked hands-on in the Entertainment Industry since 1985.

She is a Published Author of Two Entertainment Books, and has made her mark in the Celebrity Impersonator world as one of  Madonna's top Doubles (working with and for Madonna).

She began Mrs. Bella's Dolls in 1990, when a Casting Director spotted her and Cast her in the role of a Vintage Cigarette Girl for a small film. After doing research for the role, Bella's discovery and love for Classic Cigarette Girls began. Always a fan of Classic Hollywood, and Retro Movie Stars (it was Bella's Grandfather who always called Bella "Lana Turner" or compairing her looks to Classic Hollywood Icons). Bella felt right at home playing the Cigar Girl role, then eventually turning this love into her very own Cigarette Girl Agency.

Since those early days of discovery, Bella has now established herself as one of the most successful Nitche Agencies in Hollywood.

Mrs. Bella's DollsTM is an original concept created by Bella. All of her Costumes, and Trays are her own original designs, and although her work is often imitated by others, Bella continues to be a pioneer in the industry by continuing to trail blaze new ideas and new concepts the competitors can only try to imitate.


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